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Happy 4th of July!!

Have a great 4th of July with lots of food, fun, and fireworks!

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Red, White and Blue Gummy Bear Popsicles

Red, White and Blue Gummy Bear Popsicles!

Creative gummy bear treats are the best kind.  Home Goods published an article with their version of gummy bear popsicles, with a patriotic spin! Check out how they make theirs here!  What are your Fourth of July plans?!  Let us know in the comments!

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Deep-Fried Gummy Bears

Have You Ever Tried a Gourmet Deep-Fried Gummy Bear?!

Dre’s BBQ Place was featured on As The Rotisserie Turns for their Gourmet Deep Fried Gummy Bears! Looks pretty tasty. What’s the most delicious deep-fried snack you’ve ever had?! Let us know in the comments!

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Gummibär at VidCon!

Exciting news! For the first time ever, Gummibär will be attending VidCon, the biggest Youtube convention in America. There’ll be lots of fun Gummibär merch for sale, including a brand new CD not yet available in our shop! We’ll also have a cool limited-edition freebie up for grabs to anyone who stops by the booth. […]

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Picture of Greta and her son, Owen at his Birthday Party

A Fun Gummibär Birthday Party!

Greta, mom of Gummibär fan Ollie, recently shared a blog post on the Gummibär page which featured her son Ollie’s Gummibär-themed birthday party! SO cool! For more pictures, read the rest of Greta’s blog post here. When is your Gummibär birthday coming up?  Be sure to buy your Gummibär party supplies at the Gummibar webstore here! […]

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Awesome Gummibär Fan Music Video by Skylan and Emily!

I love when Gummibär fans make music videos!  Watch this cool and colorful fan video by Skylan and Emily! Do you have a YouTube channel?  Post your Gummibär fan videos on the Facebook page here!  

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Minecraft Gummibar Fan Art by Omar

Minecraft Gummibär Fan Art by Omar

Look! a Gummibär fan named Omar sent some Minecraft fan art.  This is so cool! Do you play Minecraft?  Let us know in the comments and send us your own Gummibär creations!

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Chopped Gummy Wontons Video

Yum! Gummy Bear and Kiwi Wontons

Check out a clip from an episode of Chopped where contestants made Gummy Bear and Kiwi Wontons: Would you try these?

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Jon Hamm's Gummy Tossing Game

Jon Hamm’s Gummy Bear-Tossing Game

Just last night, Jon Hamm appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and told the story of how his fun and challenging gummy bear tossing game came to be! Watch below: This game looks like so much fun.  Think you can take on the challenge? Post a video of you and a friend doing Jon Hamm’s gummy […]

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An Awesome Gummibär Birthday Party!

Here’s some photos from a Gummibär fan’s birthday party! When fans have cool gummy parties, we love to share them with you!   Which Gummibär party decoration at this gummy party is your favorite?

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