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Keep Cool Memorial Day Weekend with Sprite Gummy Bear Popsicles!

Planning on having some sweet treats for Memorial Day?! I found this awesome recipe on One Little Project for Sprite Gummy Bear Popsicles! What a fun and yummy way to keep cool! Find the recipe at One Little Project here. Gummibär party supplies aren’t just for Gummibär birthday parties, they’re great for barbeques too!!! Get […]

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This is what me and my friends are going to look like partying all Memorial Day Weekend!!! via GIPHY What are your plans this holiday?! Keep cool in the heat this Memorial Day Weekend with a Gummibär hat from the Gummibär Shop here! Follow the Gummibär Socials: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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The Gummy Bear Song – Party Pop Remix

Music Monday: Gummibär – “The Gummy Bear Song” Party Pop Remix 2013

You may have heard multiple versions of “The Gummy Bear Song” but check out this classic remix of “The Gummy Bear Song” from 2013!!! If you were a DJ, what would your DJ name be?! Follow the Gummibär socials: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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Gummibär fan Raul’s Spectacular Gummibär-themed birthday party!

Take a look at this awesome Gummibär-themed birthday party sent in by Raul’s mom! What an awesome way to celebrate a first birthday! They had everything from Gummibär centerpieces to a Gummibär piñata. What will your Gummibär birthday party look like? You can easily purchase the Gummibär balloons you see here as well as more […]

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La La La I Love You – NRG Mix

Gummibär Gif: Did you know I can shred guitar?!

Watch me play a mean guitar! via GIPHY What instrument should I learn how to play next?! Share your thoughts in the comments! Follow the Gummibär socials: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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Lucky Lion Bear Approves of Gummibär Gummy Bear Candy!

Fellow YouTuber Lucky Lion Bear picked up a bag of Gummibär Gummy Bear Candy and posted a review on YouTube! You can watch what he had to say about the gummy bear candy below!!! What flavor of Gummibär Gummy Bear Candy is your favorite?! If you haven’t tried Gummibär Gummy Bear Candy yet, get […]

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gummibar gachapin mukku

Music Monday: Gummibär Gachapin Mukku (Japanese Music Video)

Where are my Japanese-speaking fans at?! This video was so much fun to film and this is one of my favorite tracks I have ever recorded! What languages would you like to hear a Gummibär song in? Follow the Gummibär socials! Facebook, Twitter and Instagram  

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Bubble Up-themed Gummibär Birthday Cake!

Instagram user Layza Freire shared a picture of this Gummibär cake that looks like it was inspired by “Bubble Up”! Awesome! Só meu sobrinho mesmo pra fazer minha irmã fazer um bolo de gummy bear. Kkkkkk #irmaartista #gummybear #sobrinholindo A photo posted by Layza Freire (@maesemfolga) on May 3, 2016 at 7:47pm PDT We don’t […]

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NEW! Gummibär Sports Stickers You Can COLOR!

There are brand new stickers at the Gummibär Shop unlike you’ve never seen before- stickers you can color in yourself! These Gummibär stickers are sports-themed and come in black and white so that you can color them however way you want to. Use whatever coloring utensil you’d like on these stickers, whether it be crayons […]

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Gummibär Gif: When you’re suuuper good at hula-hooping

Did you know I’m also good at hula-hooping?! I guess it helps I know how to dance!!! via GIPHY Follow the Gummibär socials! Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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