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Chanity Dawn Gummibar Party Pop The Gummy Bear Song

Gummibär Party Pop Giveaway on Chanity Dawn!!!

My new pal Chanity Dawn was kind enough to write some words about Party Pop! Her daughter Ella is a fan and they got a chance to party gummy style while listening to Party Pop, having this to say: We had a nonstop Gummibär dance party. And by we, I mean Ella. Homegirl looooooves her […]

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Gummibar Mini Cake Gummy Bear Song I'm a Gummy Bear

A Gummibär Mini-Cake! NICE!

Look at this SUPER COOL mini-cake that Instagram user @cakesbymlr made!!! How fancy!!! Gummy Bear Mini Cake #cakesbymlr #cake #cakes #customcakes #creativecakes #cakelove #cakeart #igcakes #instacakes #dreamcakes #cutecakes #fondantcakes #occasioncakes #eatcake #birthdaycakes #fondantart #edibleart #buttercreamcakes #fondantdecos #socalcakes #personalcake #gummybear #gummybearsong A photo posted by Cakes by MLR 🎂 (@cakesbymlr) on Aug 22, 2015 at 3:58pm […]

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Gummibär Calendar Page

ICYMI: New Gummibär Halloween Printables!

Did you see that there are NEW Gummibär Halloween Printables?! Click each one to go to the download page!!! These are so awesome and fun!!!   Which one are you looking forward to using?! Tell me in the comments! Follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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Gummibar Birthday Party The Gummy Bear Song

Owen’s Gummibär Birthday Party!

Gummibär fan Owen recently had his first birthday party, and it was- you guessed it- Gummibär-themed!!! His awesome mom Romy sent me all of the pictures.  Check out how they partied gummy style below! Thinking about having a Gummibär party just like this one?! You can get some party supplies from the Gummibär web-store here! […]

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Gummibar YouTube Channel one million subscribers


THE GUMMIBÄR YOUTUBE CHANNEL HAS FINALLY REACHED A MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!! Thank you to all of my fans who made this possible!!! Being a part of YouTube for so long has been TOTALLY awesome and super fun! I’ve loved sharing my singing and dancing with you all for years and I can’t wait for what’s to […]

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Minecraft The Gummy Bear Song Gummibar Note Blocks

Minecraft Note Block “Gummy Bear Song” Cover!

YouTube channel TheMihu44 made a very musical cover of “The Gummy Bear Song” by using Note Blocks in Minecraft! How creative!  What did you think of their cover?! Sound off in the comments below! Follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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Star Wars Gummies Gummy Bears Gummibar The Gummy Bear Song

Make Star Wars Gummies with Melted Gummy Bears!

YouTuber Grant Thompson created a method for making Star Wars gummies by simply melting gummy bears!  What a cool idea!!! Watch below to see how he does it: Are you a Star Wars fan?! What character would you like to make into a gummy candy?! Share in the comments! Follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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Victor Cruz Gummy Bears Gummibar Gummybear I'm a Gummy Bear Gummy Bear Song

Victor Cruz Loves Gummy Bears!!!

Did you know even football players love gummy bears?! In an interview with NY Mag football star Victor Cruz confessed his love for gummy bears: How I eat when I’m alone: Gummy bears. They’re kind of secretly stashed all over the house — hopefully no one finds them. Although I saw my daughter one day […]

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Coffee Flavored Gummy Bears Gummy Bear Candy

Coffee-flavored Gummy Bears!!!

Would you ever try coffee-flavored gummy bears?! You can make them by following this recipe on Grass Fed Girl! What’s the weirdest gummy bear flavor you’ve ever tried?! Let me know in the comments! Follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!  

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Comedypods Gummy Bear Eating Challenge Gummibar The Gummy Bear Song I'm a Gummy Bear

How Many Gummy Bears can YOU Eat in ONE MINUTE?!

Here’s a fun food challenge for you: how many gummy bears can you eat in just one minute?! YouTubers Comedypods attempted this themselves, watch below: Try this yourselves (but be careful)!!! Post your attempts to speed-eat gummy bears on the Gummibär Facebook page here! Follow me on Instagram and Twitter!

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