Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving from Gummibär, your favorite wacky extended family member! I promise I won’t eat all your food this year! :D

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Gummibar The Gummy Bear Song I'm a Gummy Bear Merchandise

More Gummibär Knit Hats?! AWESOME!

Instagram user @smilena97, Petya Welikova, knits tons of hats! She knits a lot of cartoon character hats, but she also knit a really cool Gummibär hat that I just had to share!!! Please keep sharing your homemade Gummibär creations, I love seeing them! If you’d like a Gummibär hat ASAP, you can order a cool baseball cap with […]

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Gummibar The Gummy Bear Song Kids Birthday Cake

A Super Fancy Gummibär Party!!!

Birthday boy Lucas looks like he had an awesome time at his Gummibär-themed birthday party!!! Instagram user @nubiactavares posted this picture from Lucas’ Gummibär birthday party. He had a custom Gummibär cake AND- take a look at that shirt!!! That’s definitely a one-of-a-kind Gummibär birthday shirt!!!     Also… is that me in gold sparkly […]

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Gummibar The Gummy Bear I'm a Gummy Bear Kids Birthday Cake

Dancing Gummibär Birthday Cake!

Gummibär fan Hattan must have had the coolest Gummibär birthday party, because he DEFINITELY had the coolest cake!!! This cake was made by London Cakes in the UK!   What does your dream Gummibär birthday cake look like? Share in the comments! Having a Gummibär birthday party soon?! Pick up all of the supplies you need […]

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Gummibar Cake The Gummy Bear Song I'm a Gummy Bear Kids Birthday

Star-Studded Gummibär Birthday Cake!

Instagram user @zar_lasht23 is the mom of Gummibär fan named Aleya who recently turned 5 years old! They had their Gummibär cake made by @eatpartycake, a bakery located in Sydney, Australia! Take a look at this colorful cake filled with lots of stars!     What kinds of decorations do you like to put on […]

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DIY Gummibär Party Favor Boxes!

Instagram user Daniela Lopes (@sua_lembrancinha) customized party favor boxes with some Gummibär cut-outs! She also customizes gifts and decorations! Take a look at what the special Gummibär party favor boxes look like below: So cool! Purchase all of your Gummibär party needs at the Gummibär web-store here. Follow the Gummibär socials! Instagram, Twitter and Facebook  

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Gummibar The Gummy Bear Emoji App Android Google Play

Download the New Gummibär Emoji App for Android

Good news for Gummibär fans- you can now use emojis in the likeness of your favorite singing and dancing gummy bear! The Gummibär The Gummy Bear Emojis App is now available on Google Play for Android users. Click here to go download it for free! After downloading the app, Android users can use Gummibär emojis in […]

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Knit Gummibar Hat The Gummy Bear Song I'm a Gummy Bear Knitting Arts and Crafts

Knit Gummibar Hat! Would You Rock This?!

Check this out- Gummibär fan Vincent is rocking an amazing knit Gummibär hat, made for him by his Aunt Becky!  Thanks for sharing Raechel! Would you wear a knit Gummibär hat?! Let me know in the comments, maybe we can make something happen!!! If you’d like a Gummibär hat ASAP, you can order a cool baseball […]

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Gummibar The Gummy Bear Songs Cupcakes

How Do You Decorate your Gummibär Cupcakes?!

  Check out how Instagram user @delicious__cakes__ decorated her Gummibär cupcakes!

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Gummibar The Gummy Bear Song Singing Cat

Funny Cat Singing “The Gummy Bear Song!”

LOOK HOW HILARIOUS THIS IS!!! A cat plush toy spinning around and singing “The Gummy Bear Song!” Do you have any pets?! Share in the comments below! This cat isn’t the only thing that sings “The Gummy Bear Song,” purchase a singing plush toy here! Follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

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