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Make Star Wars Gummies with Melted Gummy Bears!

YouTuber Grant Thompson created a method for making Star Wars gummies by simply melting gummy bears!  What a cool idea!!! Watch below to see how he does it: Are you a Star Wars fan?! What character would you like to make into a gummy candy?! Share in the comments! Follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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Gummibär Fan Art

Gummibär Fan Art!

ArtistAbby00 drew a picture of me! She said “Just randomly thought of the bear from the gummy bear song, and put him with PennyLing. Pretty random right?” Pretty cool! Here’s the link – Do you have a link to your fan art? Send it to me!

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lullaby thumb

New Gummibär Lullaby Video Posted!

Relax and fall asleep with the help of Gummibär’s new Lullaby video. Subscribe to The Official Gummibär YouTube Channel at to be the first to watch new videos!

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christmas megamix thumb

Gummibär Christmas Megamix 2014

Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy the Gummibär Christmas Megamix 2014! New video posted to The Official Gummibär YouTube Channel at

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arsch mit ohren

Oh no they didn’t!

A… Mit Ohren Yes, they are what you think they are… A**es With Ears! Looks like Haribo’s been a bit naughty…

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New Gummibär Infant, Toddler, and Home Items!

New items now available! SHOP GUMMIBÄR ON CAFEPRESS.COM

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Osito Gominola – Spanish Lyrics – The Gummy Bear Song

OSITO GOMINOLA (The Gummy Bear Song) Yo soy tu gominola Yo soy tu gominola Osito gomi gomi gomi gomi gominola Yo soy tu gominola Yo soy tu gominola Osito gomi gomi dulce gomi gominola oleo Gomi gomi gomi gomi gominola Gomi gomi gomi gomi gominola Bai ding ba doli fiesta Bamm bing ba doli fiesta […]

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Billboard Magazine Singles Review – I Am A Gummy Bear

December 8, 2007 Issue GUMMIBÄR I Am A Gummy Bear (3:11) Producers: Tonekind, Papabar, Rene Rennefeld Writers: CP Schneider, CA Schneider Publishers: Rennefeld, Ed. Gummibär Label: Gummybear International Music without novelty songs is like a cookout sans burgers. The latest confection to totter to US shores is “I Am A Gummy Bear” from Hungary, starring […]

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The Gummy Bear Song – Irish Version

Ottawa Xpress Album Review – I Am Your Gummy Bear

November 29th, 2007 I Am Your Gummy Bear John Sekerka Thank God for the Internet! How else could we be swept up by the worldwide phenomena of the bouncy breakdancing lime green chewable munchkin from Hungary? Hmmm, I’m Hungary just thinking about it. He wears yellow undies, shows his crack, delivers peppy techno tunes in […]

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The Brazilian Version Of The Gummy

Two New Videos Have Just Been Added!

Check out Eu Sou O Ursinho – The Full Length Brazilian Version of The Gummy Bear Song and Yo Soy Tu Gummy Bear – The Full Length Spanglish Version.

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