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Gummibar Gummy Bear Song Flower Birthday Cake

Flower Power Gummibär (Gummy Bear) Birthday Cake!

You’ve seen quite a few Gummibär birthday cake blog posts, but check this awesome cake out- it has flowers on it! Birthday girl Josie who had turned 5 wanted her favorite singing and dancing gummy bear on her cake accompanied by awesome flower decorations.   When’s your Gummibär-themed birthday party?! Post your pictures on the […]

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youtube cover the gummy bear song I am a gummy bear gummibar

Cover of “The Gummy Bear Song (I Am A Gummy Bear)” by Gummibär

What do you think of this cover of “The Gummy Bear Song?!” Watch this cover by YouTube Channel Hazel Rabbit and Friends and tell me what you think!!! Have you ever covered “The Gummy Bear Song” before?! Post your covers on the Gummibär Facebook page here!

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Gummibar The Gummy Bear Song Cake Dalana Cake and Giraffe

Life-Like Gummibar Cake! WOW!

Check out this life-like Gummibär cake that Instagram user Dalana from Cake and Giraffe made!!! Look at that detail! #tbt to this Gummie Bear cake created for a very special 1st birthday! #gummiebear #gummybear #gummybearcake #1stbirthday #1stbirthdayparty #cake ##carvedcake #fondantcake A photo posted by Dalana (@cakeandgiraffe) on Aug 13, 2015 at 11:06pm PDT Learn more about […]

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A Sweet Gummibär Birthday Party!

I love seeing Gummibär-themed birthday parties!  Check out how Gummibär fan Jace celebrated his 1st birthday in Gummibär style! What a cool chalkboard sign! And here’s the birthday boy Jace! Would you like to have your own Gummibär birthday party?! You can purchase Gummibär party supplies at the Gummibär shop here! I love to see pictures of Gummibär birthday parties, so […]

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Crazy Gummy Candy- Giant Sour Gummy Worm!

How to Cook That has some of the best gummy candy creations, and here’s just another one of them: a GIANT SOUR GUMMY WORM!!! Watch below to see how to make one!!! Curious to see if you can make your own?! Let us know how it goes and post about it on the Gummibär Facebook […]

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Would You Wear a Scented Gummy Bear Ring?!?

Do you like jewelry?! Justice is selling this cool gummy bear ring that’s SCENTED! How did they do it?! You can purchase this scented gummy bear ring at the link here!   Have you heard about the Gummibär Back-to-School Giveaway we’re having?!? You could win a prize worth over $130!!! To enter, go to the giveaway announcement page […]

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Gummibar Approved- Giant Gummy Lego Man

Gummibär Approved- GIANT Gummy Lego Man!

You might have seen a post or two about giant gummy bears on the Gummibär blog, but have you seen a GIANT gummy Lego man?!  For fans of Legos, check out this how-to by YouTube channel How To Cook That: Let us know if you try out this recipe!  Post your results on the Gummibär […]

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Bon Appetit's Brief History of Gummy Bears featuring Gummibar

Bon Appetit’s History of Gummy Bears featuring Gummibär

Food magazine Bon Appétit published a write-up about the history of gummy bears and talked about the “The Gummy Bear Song!”   As the timeline of their narrative on the history of gummy bears winds to a close, they mention “The Gummy Bear Song“: To be sure, gummy bears are the only candy charming enough […]

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Gummy Bear Gummibar Play-Doh

How Cool! A Play-Doh Gummibär!

Previously the Gummibär blog shared a play-doh creation, but here’s another one of your favorite singing and dancing gummy bear! Posted on YouTube channel Play-Doh World, here’s their take on play-doh Gummibär: Do you like creating with play-doh?! Post your play-doh Gummibär creations on the Gummibär Facebook page here!

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Screenshot of Gummy Bear Game

For Fans of Super Mario Bros- Gummy Bear Video Game Playthrough!

Did you know there’s a Gummibär video game?! YouTube user Game Games created a playthrough of the fun side-scrolling video game! Watch below: Give it a shot! To play the video game, click the picture below!   Let us know how you do! Post your high score in the comments below!

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