Gummibar Be Mine Sweet Valentine

Be Mine Sweet Valentine!

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a cat is just a cat right

A cat is just a cat, right?

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talk to gummy bears

Do you ever go on YouTube just to watch a music video, then 5 hours later find yourself…

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i don't always eat gummy bears meme

I don’t always eat gummy bears, but when I do…

they’re organized by color! How about you?

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it's saturday. get your happy on

It’s Saturday! Get Your Happy On!

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happiness is not having to set your alarm

Happiness is…

not having to set your alarm for the next day.

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It’s Christmas Eve! Time to Fly!

I’m not saying I’m secretly Santa Claus or anything, but…

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On my way to deliver presents!


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christmas megamix thumb

Gummibär Christmas Megamix 2014

Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy the Gummibär Christmas Megamix 2014! New video posted to The Official Gummibär YouTube Channel at

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Gummy Dance Party Vine

The Gummy Dance Party Vine

Click on bottom right corner of the Vine video to turn audio on and off.

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