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Another Fun Gummibär Birthday Party!

Looks like another super fun Gummibär birthday party! Gummibär fan Sammy celebrated her fifth birthday with a cake and curtains adorned in music notes- and a Gummibär plush! Happy Birthday Sammy!! #gummybear#gummybearsong#what#a#fun#bdayparty#greenlittlebear#kidsfavorite#funfamilyparty#wecanfityouall#indoorplayground#wedoallthefun#kids#sundayfunday#welove#to#host#your#parties#playhouse4kids#indoorplayground#lacrescenta# A photo posted by Specializing birthday parties (@playhouse4kids) on Jun 26, 2016 at 4:36pm PDT We have everything you need to recreate this […]

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VidCon Day 1: Gummibär “I Want Candy” Music Video Roll 2!

Hey everybody! We have posted the second roll of the “I Want Candy” music video from day one of VidCon! Did you make a special appearance in our “I Want Candy” music video at VidCon?! Check it out below: Follow the Gummibär socials: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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Gummibär Gif: Dancing like Charlie Brown at VidCon!

I had so much fun dancing at VidCon with all of the new friends I made!!! This was one of my favorite moves to bust out: What’s your go-to dance move?! Share in the comments below! Follow me on social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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YouTube Creators and More Awesome People I Met at VidCon 2016!!!

This year’s VidCon was a BLAST! It was so much fun making a new music video every day and meeting new people! SO many awesome VidCon attendees and YouTube Creators took the time to hang out with me, check out who snapped a picture! Met my favorite YouTube Star 💚💚💚 #GummiBar #Vidcon2016 — Olga Kay […]

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vidcon 2016 youtube youtuber music video i want candy gummybear gummibar gummy bear song funny animated cartoon

VidCon 2016 Day One: “I Want Candy” Music Video

VidCon was a blast! Made a TON of new friends and visited a lot of cool booths! What a fun three days this year’s VidCon was! Did you get to star in my music video from day one of VidCon?! It’s now available on my YouTube channel here: So awesome! If we missed your channel URL […]

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VidCon Tips with Gummibär: MAKE NEW FRIENDS!!!

VIDCON STARTS TOMORROW!!! I AM SO EXCITED I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!! As the first day of VidCon nears by the hour, I wanted to share one last VidCon tip with you all to ensure that your VidCon experience is the most amazing it can be! And that VidCon tip is… Make new friends! The absolute […]

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VidCon Tips with Gummibär: Respect Content Creators and Fellow Vloggers!

VIDCON IS THIS WEEK. OH. MY. GOSH. Things have been super crazy at Gummibär HQ, but I still have more VidCon tips to share with you! Today’s super-helpful VidCon tip is… Respect Content Creators and Fellow Vloggers! During VidCon, you meet all different kinds of people! Be sure to be respectful to everyone, whether they […]

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Watch the NEW Trailer for “Gummibär and Friends”- Premieres THIS WEEKEND!

We are SO EXCITED to share with you the OFFICIAL new trailer for the brand new, upcoming animated web series Gummibär and Friends! Everyone’s favorite singing and dancing gummy bear character Gummibär will star along with his friends Kala and Harry in a new animated web series. The show is set to have 39 episodes and is only available to watch on Gummibär’s […]

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VidCon Tips with Gummibär: Wear Comfy Sneakers!

Ah, only SIX days until VidCon!!! Who is excited?! I’ve been diligently posting VidCon tips and tricks on my blog leading up to VidCon, to make sure you get the most out of your VidCon experience! Today’s VidCon tip is… Wear comfy sneakers! VidCon is both a lot of standing and walking, so you’re going to want […]

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VidCon Tips with Gummibär: Prepare for Emergencies!

  Hey everybody! VidCon is in 8 DAYS! Since the beginning of this week, I (Gummibär) have been sharing my best VidCon tips and tricks for all of you attending VidCon next week! Today’s VidCon tip is… Prepare for emergencies- pack extra batteries, snacks and water! VidCon is a very long event, with tons of […]

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