It’s Christmas Eve! Time to Fly!

I’m not saying I’m secretly Santa Claus or anything, but…

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Gummibar Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

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On my way to deliver presents!


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Yummy Gummy Video Debut Banner

Yummy Gummy Search For Santa Debuts On YouTube Tomorrow!

The Yummy Gummy Search For Santa Christmas Movie debuts on the Official Gummibär YouTube Channel tomorrow! Now you can watch the whole Christmas special in its entirety all day every day until Christmas! Here is the link to the Official Gummibär YouTube Channel –

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Gummy Dance Party Vine

The Gummy Dance Party Vine

Click on bottom right corner of the Vine video to turn audio on and off.

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Gummibär YouTube Channel

Gummibär YouTube Channel Now Over 600,000 Subscribers!

WoooHoooo! The Official Gummibär YouTube Channel now has over 600,000 subscribers! It’s growing by leaps and bounds. Subscribers to the channel are the first to see new Gummibär videos as they are posted. Have you subscribed? Go to and subscribe now!

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gummy bomba video

New Gummibär World Cup 2014 Video Posted!

Gummy Bomba! Watch it! Comment! Thumbs up! Share with your friends!

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Gummibar Valentine's Banner

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Choco Choco Greek Version Video2

Choco Choco Greek Version Video Posted!

Choco Choco the Greek Version Video has been posted! Subscribe to the Gummibär YouTube channel at to be the first to find out about new videos!

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