Thanks to everyone who participated in Gummibär’s Bubble Up Remix Contest! There were a lot of great submissions. Narrowing it down to just 10 was not easy! Now it’s up to you to choose your favorite! Vote for your favorite remixes and help decide who’s most deserving of these awesome prizes! You can vote ONCE PER DAY! Voting ends at 11:59pm EST Sept 30th. Good luck everyone!

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Gummibär – Bubble Up (Beatz Projekted Remix) Remix Contest Entry

Gummibär – Bubble Up – Coconut Rockers Remix Contest Entry

Gummibär – Bubble Up (Danceboy Remix) Contest Entry

Gummibär -Bubble Up – [DJ ALIEN PHANTOM] Remix Contest Entry

Gummibär -Bubble Up – [Giz] Remix Contest Entry

Gummibär -Bubble Up – Guy Louis Remix Contest Entry

Gummibär – Bubble Up – [idoyklik] Remix Contest Entry

Gummibär -Bubble Up – [Moseqar] Remix Contest Entry

Gummibear – Bubble Up (Newag3 Remix)

Gummibär -Bubble Up – [RTFCKT] Remix Contest Entry

funnygummy On September - 18 - 2012

10 Responses so far.

  1. [...] here and vote for Danceboy Remix, he always give to us nice bootlegs , in the time for we help him [...]

  2. RavingKeroro says:

    Danceboy is eargasmic.

  3. JoCo says:

    not being rude, but most of these mixes show of cool skills but at the same time murdering the original song and don’t make anything fun with it. Only one I liked was Coconut Rockers!

  4. Kevin says:

    I must say, The only one who has a nice song is Danceboy, all the others are not really anything good.. and its pretty strange that out of nothing the others get tons of votes when they dont have any big fans on facebook..
    Seems like someone is hacking this system..

  5. Alex says:

    I must say the other remixes fade in comparation to the Danceboy one. It’s just that good.

  6. shmshoon says:

    OMG , moseqar!!!! you are amazing maannnnn!! best sounds , original and simply fantastic , hope he wins he really deserves it !

  7. max says:

    just heared dancboy’s remix , didn’t likee it , i wonder how he got those votes

  8. David M says:

    yeah these dudes are cheating badly haha

  9. [...] REMIX CONTEST! Gummibär BUBBLE UP The Gummy Bear Osito Gominola Gumimaci Posted on September 6, 2012 by admin — No Comments ↓ GummyBearIntlThu, September 6, 2012 10:56pmURL:Embed:VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE AT: [...]

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