Weekend Gummibär T-Shirt Giveaway!

Want to win a “I Did It All For The Nuki” Gummibär T-shirt? Comment on this post and let us know what you’d do for the Nuki!

One lucky commenter will be randomly selected as the winner on Tuesday, May 29th at 3pm EST and be able to select the shirt size that they prefer. Shirt is available in Adult sizes Medium, Large, or XL.

Have a Happy Weekend everyone!


  • John Tarbet Walker 6 years ago

    I lost 31kg in weight for the Nuki to need a T-Shirt as all my old ones are now too big LOL

  • Alex 6 years ago


  • Shaunna 6 years ago

    I would hulahoop for the nuki!

  • angela richard 6 years ago

    I will record my husband and kids singing im a gummibear bc my kids are your biggest fans

  • Serena 6 years ago

    I would make chocolate chip cookies!

  • Georgina Flewitt 6 years ago

    Hmm… i would do anything for nuki, but i would buy anything in the world for nuki wookie! :D <3

  • Jessica 6 years ago

    I love the bright colors! I would rock this to our boys play group and be a hit w the other moms.

  • Azzack 6 years ago

    i never WEAR black shirt..but this Nuki black shirt was AWESOMEEEE!!!….makes me wants to wear it all day long…even in my sleep….<3

  • Serina S. 6 years ago

    I am known as gummie bear by my friends, and got my kids hooked on the song as it is my notification tone on my fone…
    I did it all for the NOKI cuz its better then the cookie…yeah!!!!
    I would almost anything for the NOKI!

  • Gabrielle Campbell 6 years ago

    i would wrestle with a tiger for the nuki

  • Dedicut 6 years ago

    I have a little child, 1 year and 4 months. We listen all day long to Gummi songs because he loves the Gummibar. One of his first words was “Gum”. So, what can I do more than that….. :) ….we will listen tomorow, and the next day, and the next day……

  • StÃ¥lkalle 6 years ago

    Absolutely nothing. So there we are

  • Belawal 6 years ago

    i would learn how to land a backflip on my feet for the nuki!

  • Melita 6 years ago

    EVERYTHING FOR NUKI !!!Anything, b’cos my baby is quiet only with NUKIIIIII !!!!!

  • Manish 6 years ago

    I will steal it from Gummy Bear and share it with him only if he becomes my friend… ;)

  • James 6 years ago

    I really would like this please, to add to my collection.
    I already have the gummibär talking and singing plush, and a t-shirt would make my life so much better.
    Ps. Hope you can find it in your heart to choose me,
    Thank you so much for this opportunity :)

  • antoemma 6 years ago

    My little girl said: I would make a drawing for Nuki. She loves Nuki!!!

  • Barbara Merrill 6 years ago

    My 5 yr old grandson and I always used to listen to your songs. But then I moved away and I always let his mommy know when the new songs come out. Not embarassed to say that I still watch your videos even without my grandson around!!! And he is like a Nuki, much sweeter than a cookie! :)
    Would absolutely LOVE this shirt. It’s a beauty!

  • Kaitlin Trester 6 years ago

    2 year old daughter looooves gummibar.
    She would share it with her friends. :)

  • calum 6 years ago

    i would give nuki anything when nuki needed it and give it to nuki asap

  • Sergito 6 years ago

    The nuki taught my 2 year old how to dance and how to use the cell phone, bring up youtube, look for the gummibar channel and choose songs!, now he dances all night while he listens to his mom sing until he falls asleep at big parties for the nuki

  • Jocelyn Gallison 6 years ago

    I would pee in a hotdog costume off my most hated friends roogf just to lay my eyes on a nuki! Then id never use the real bathroom again. Id wear pullups. I LOVE NUKIS!!!!!

  • Aba Kwofie 6 years ago

    I would post a video of my sister sleeping (she sleeps with her mouth open) and put a concoction of food in her mouth while singing the gummi bear song.

  • Daemonangel 6 years ago

    My 16 month old daughter has been in love with Gummibar since she was 5 months old. Her eyes light up every time she hears the songs and she shakes her booty it’s hilarious. We bought her the doll and she is always demanding we activate him and pretend to make him dance. Lol. I think she’d love to see him on a tshirt. So much so… I might even be willing to pay for one?! Lol

  • Sweetieboom8 6 years ago

    I would make my dog talk, and have all da candy in the world for my nuki! Nuki! Nuki! My nuki! ;) :) :) :) ;)

  • daii 6 years ago

    hola!! uy que no haria por este ositoo!!! a mi hija le encanta y yo canto sus canciones hasta dormida!! jeje… lo que sea por el!!! me comeria todas las bolsas que fueran necesarias de ositos gomi gomi!! ^^

  • susan 6 years ago

    i would do ANYTHING for the NUKI!! jump off a bridge, eat bugs, swim with sharks, you name it!!!

  • suzi 6 years ago

    my 1 year old brother would cry 1 week straight for the NUKI

  • Kittie lombardo 6 years ago

    My grand daughter says that she would talk to Siri on the iPhone to figure out how far nuki is so she knows where to find gummier and nuki to download and play!!

    And I would tickle nuki till his laughter is heard around the world!!! You totallllly need to take this show on the road and have concerts for a llllll of us!!! Come to Las Vegas please…..ASAP we are craving nuki and gummibar!!!

    Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful tanker…..if I we this….I will wear this and walk down las Vegas blvd and show it off to thousands of visiting tourists and when asked……I would do the nuki nuki gummibar dance!!! Then tell them your website!!!

  • Lyle 6 years ago

    Umm… You don’t wnat to know what I;d do for the Nuki. :P

  • Justin 6 years ago

    My son absolutely loves your videos! He just dances like crazy when we play them for him!

  • jazmin nunez 6 years ago

    Ill dance the nuki nuki with the whole family just to make my baby happy.
    Love u gummibar.

  • GrammyWindy 6 years ago

    Love the Nuki….wish I could record my grandchildren dancing to your songs!

  • daniel warner 6 years ago


  • Melissa Hernandez 6 years ago

    My son LOVES his nukki his turning one and he still dont want to let it go specialy when i place the music he goes crazy dancing.

  • Toby Brady 6 years ago

    I would eat my veggies

  • jo wilkerson 6 years ago

    i would toss the klondike bar in the trash for the nuki!!!!

  • marcia savage 5 years ago

    i would do what i really love to do set the tv to youtube look up gummy bear find my 16 month old granddaughters favorate gummy song nuki nuki and play it loudly while she holds on to me and jumps up and down giggling and getting excited to hear it. then she gives me a big cuddle and wants me to play it again and again. this is our thing and she wont do this with anyone else so id do this over and over to get a t-shirt i can put on her while she giggles and jumps away.

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