The Gummy Bear Song International Singles is now available for download on iTunes. This special package includes The Gummy Bear Song in eight different languages as well as a Karaoke version and an Instrumental version. Download each track individually for all 10 tracks for $9.90. It is currently an iTunes exclusive.

Track Listing includes:
01. Itt Van A Gumimaci (Hungarian)
02. I Am A Gummy Bear (English)
03. Ich Bin Dein Gummibär (German)
04. Je M’appelle Funny Bear (French)
05. Osito Gominola (Spanish)
06. Eu Sou O Ursinho Gummy (Brazilian)
07. Osito Gummy Bear (Mexican)
08. Jag Är En Gummibjörn (Swedish)
09. I Am A Gummy Bear Karaoke (English)
10. I Am A Gummy Bear Instrumental

gummibar On January - 10 - 2008




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3 Responses so far.

  1. Anthonythedoglover says:

    Gummibär, Some Of The Names Are Rong In iTunes
    Like When I Prevew I Am A Gummy Bear (English)
    It Plays Itt Van A Gumimaci (Hungarian) Gummibär
    Can You Fix This?

  2. Hannah says:

    My friend said that her dad scared her about a scary video about a rocking chair, and a scary face,and after he scared her he went on gummy bear to cheer her up, and when he did, the gummy bear was talking weird, and the gummy bear had a rocking chair by it,and her dad said i was just trying to cheer you up. THE END

  3. Blossom Lynaugh says:

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