It’s gone.
We don’t know why.
Don’t let the imposters fool you.

gummibar On October - 24 - 2007

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  1. chrisnelson203 says:

    This site is awsome. I love the music and video. Keep up the good work. The music here is addicting to listen to.

  2. keithnelson says:

    Hello House of 10,000 Gummy Bears of Hard but Heartful Hungarian House

    Say, you’re not the DJ in Budapest who won an award 10 years ago are you? Maybe we have met!

    But I would remember your colour! I dated a girl with green hair, really natural green hair. No – not Kate ‘Moss’ !!!

    You are helping me and friends learn Hungarian – we need and love what you’ve done, just like Weird Al its easy to remember.

    Impressed with the sound, fun to mix up and ‘flange’ with daft punk’s current cd + “mna-mna” from the muppets!

    Lovely indian (Mumbai?) beats – keep it coming!

    Website IS fab, be proud, the more you take the public eye away from mariah carey and adverts for banks – the better!

    Does weird al mind if you parody more? I noticed he asks people and is their friend, they all find it hysterically funny (they can’t stop laughing)

    Apparently ‘Jichael Mackson’ was going to sue him when they thought of calling Weird Al’s parody of him Mad, so they changed it to Fat!

    So – when can we see gumimaci at a concert LIVE ?!?!?

    Respek’ nuckles!


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