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New YouTube Honors!

The video for “I Am A Gummy Bear” Full English Version has just received the following YouTube Honors: #19 Top Favorites (This Month) Film & Animation #94 Most Discussed (This Month) Film & Animation

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Schnulla Schnulla – Nuki Nuki German Version

Gummibär Is Big Down Under

What’s happening with Gummibär in Australia these days? He’s near the top of the Australian singles sales charts! #6 on the Australian Top 50 Physical Singles Chart # 13 on the Australian Top 50 Singles Sales Chart (includes downloads) G’day mate!

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Nyomd Meg A Gombot – Hungarian Wati Wati Wu Version

The Gummibär MySpace page has disappeared.

It’s gone. We don’t know why. Don’t let the imposters fool you.

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Eu Sou O Gummy Bear – The Gummy Bear Song Brazilian Version

Get Your Gummibär Widget!

Want to stay up to date with Gummibär? Want to know when new content is posted to the site? Post my widget on your page and you’ll always know what’s new! Here’s what it looks like…. Get great free widgets at Widgetbox!

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Jag Är En Gummibjörn – Full Swedish Version

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Osito Gominola – Full Spanish Version

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YouTube honors this week.

#14 – Top Favorites (This Week) – Film & Animation #49 – Most Linked (This Week) – Film & Animation :)

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Gummibär MySpace Page

Gummibär Videos Now On Myspace

For everyone who spends time on MySpace and likes to watch videos there, you can now watch all of the different video versions of The Gummy Bear Song in their entirety. No more little 30 second clips. Here’s the link Enjoy!

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Ich Bin Dein Gummibär – Full German Version

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Je M-appelle Funny Bear – Full French Version

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